Designing For The Future

Designing For The Future

21st Aug 2017 11:03am

-- Introduction --

I have decided to call my city ‘Kendale Lakes’ because it resembles the lakes all around the city . The world needs cities designed for change, because eventually the number of people in your city will grow and they will demand more things like water, entertainment,shops and public transport but a city designed for adding that in the future will make it easier to add all that and your citizens will be happy which will help more people move into your city, and to accommodate for new people i would build more buildings and make existing motels and other buildings taller, and for entertainment i would build stadiums, theaters, shops, playgrounds and amusement parks.

-- Transportation --

My city needs transportation to let citizens go to places they need to goto, and it would save them time eg; if someone was nervous for a speech they would have time to relax. Having more public transport would help solve problems like car crashes. Public transportation is a key element in making cities environmentally sustainable and self-effacing. More transport could lead to citizens having more job opportunities. I would also encourage people to walk but also ride a bike, although i'll provide busses, trams, taxis, trains. Ill encourage people not to use petrol powered cars. Also public transport can help citizens save money.

-- Public Growth --

My city needs more houses to prepare for a bigger population and it would also need more shops, farms, entertainment and emergency services. Farms to feed people so they do not starve, Hospitals so people do not die from disease obviously, Police to stop crime, Fire dept to kill fires and get cats out of trees, Cinemas, etc. Having a bigger population would lower my taxes but i would still get a lot of money to pay for things like buildings. Having a higher population would also lead to more jobs and it would make building faster. So my city would be a better city. I would also need to provide more hospitals and entertainment (Read Below) more population also means its easier to recruit for jobs and i am sure i would need to build schools, but lower taxes so i guess that makes everyone a winner.

-- Entertainment --

Entertainment is a priority in my city because so many citizens bond through these services. It can distract citizens from stressing jobs and amuse them in their free time. My city would need lots of entertainment so that it can catch more attention and interest which could potentially make people more interested in my city. Citizens from my city would probably rather a day out at the cinema on a weekend than working. But a cinema is not the only type of entertainment my city would have it would also have Playgrounds, shops, zoos, stadiums, parks and a bunch more. These types of things will bring people together and keep people interested in my city.

-- Food and Water --

In my city i would need lots of farms and access to lakes and the ocean so that my city would be able to survive. The farms would contain Cows. horses, sheeps, pigs, chickens and fruit and vegetables like carrots. The cows provide meat, the horses provide entertainment and help recycle. Sheeps provide wool. Pigs also provide meat. Chickens provide meat. My citizens would also be able to maintain a healthy life. Farms also mean another job opportunity. As for water i would get it form nearby lakes, oceans and rain but i would obviously filter it in filtering stations. To make sure i dont run out of water i would also provide shops with bottles of local water and have town fountains, drinking taps put in popular walking zones throughout my city.